20 Traits Of Positive, "Yes!" People!


Most of us have been faced with difficult situations in life, and some of us might currently be in a tough situation right now. Undoubtedly, we will also have these times in the future. Losing our loved ones, health and financial problems, heart-breaks, false friends, etc... However, sometimes we can determine our mood ourselves.

There are times when one cannot maintain a 'happy' or 'positive' attitude, no matter how they one want to. Yet, when we have the chance of choosing, choosing the positive attitude will definitely make you a happier person.

Let's look at the traits of positive people together.

1. They laugh and make others laugh a lot.


2. They don't complain about life all the time.


3. They have a routine for starting their day. They don't skip this routine because they want to feel good.


4. They don't think that life will always be easy, however this still doesn't affect their positive point of view.


5. They feel responsible for the world and themselves and they don't escape this responsibility.


6. They succeed in maintaining their joy and love of life, despite everything.


7. They have an active attitude, not a passive one.


They don't wait for something to go wrong. They try to find solutions for possible bad situations by being proactive.

8. They can be happy with small things.


So can we, right? ☺️

9. They rid themselves of negative thoughts and prejudices.


10. And replace these with a positive point of view.


You can learn to see the glass half full, too!

11. When faced with a problem, they put effort in producing solutions instead of making the problem bigger.


12. They have a mission for their life.


13. They enjoy conversing with people. They also know where their words might lead them. They are careful not to hurt others.


14. They focus on the 'good,' not the bad.


15. They know to be thankful for the good experiences they have made. They are grateful for life, nature and people.


16. They never give up traveling. They take every opportunity.


17. They volunteer for causes and touch people's lives.


18. They never lose their curiosity.


19. They exercise regularly and listen to their body.


20. And they never skip love. Loving and being loved are two of their top priorities.


What kind of a person do you think you are?

I am a positive person.
I am neither positive, nor negative.
I am a negative person.

Do you think that these points can help you be a more positive person?

Yes, I do.
I'm not sure.
No, I don't
How do you feel?
Tears of Joy
Relieved Face
Clapping Hands
Thumbs Down

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