20 Crushes Every '90s Girl Had

Do you remember them?  😇

Source: https://onedio.com/haber/kizlarin-cocukk...

Jesse Katsopolis - Full House

Cutie, cutie, cutie pie 😽😽😸


Yep, we had a crush on a plastic toy... 😅😅

Anthony - Candy Candy

Terry - Candy Candy

Even a better replacement for Anthony 😅

Red Ranger - Power Rangers

Green was good but Red was the best 😍

Richie Rich

Rich, clever and handsome 😅




Michelangelo - Ninja Turtles

He is funny, handsome, strong and loves pizza. What else you need! ☺️

Ash Ketchum

We were jealous of Misty for long time. 😁

Peter - Heidi

"Holadio, holadio

Heidi, Heidi
Deine Welt sind die Berge
Heidi, Heidi
Denn hier oben bist Du zu Haus"


Ricky Martin

We were sad to find out he was gay... 😭

Clark Kent - Superman

Hefty Smurf

Peter Parker - Spiderman




Tuxedo Mask - Sailor Moon


Marty Mcfly - Back To The Future

Macaulay Culkin

He was the coolest kid of Hollywood.

Jack - Titanic

How could you let him go Rose? How??? 😭😭

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