18 Times You’ll Need to Hear Your Daddy’s Voice

Sometimes asking for money, or sometimes for an advise, and sometimes just
for hearing his voice.

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After a bad day, he cheers you up with his jokes.

When you got an F from an exam, to hear him saying ‘That’s my boy/girl!’

When you think that your life is goofed up, he encourages you.

When you see a child on his daddy’s shoulder, you call yours only to hear his voice.

When you break up with your bf/gf, he listens and supports you.

When you have future anxiety, your biggest hero lights your way.

When your favourite daddy&girl dancing music is on the radio, you take a trip down memory lane.

When you become a dad, for saying ‘I understand you now daddy’

You are about to make a radial life-changing decision, asking for an advise from your daddy.

When you see that not everyone has a super dad like yours, you want him to know that.

For telling him that you forgave him for the little unpleasant experiences you two have gone through.

To hear that actually everything has a simple solution.

When you feel lonely, for talking to someone who understands you well and loves you.

Before you start a new job, for him to say you ‘don’t screw up this time, not again.’

Before you say you are run out of money, for him to read between the lines and send you some money on the next day.

For feeling like a princess.

When light bulbs are gone, when there is a leakage on the tap, when the lock is broken, calling him to find out how to handle.

When you get sick, for hearing from someone reliable that flu is not a fatal disease.

Bonus: Only to say ‘I love you daddy’

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