18 Daunting Stuff A Working Mother's Child Knows

A working mother’s child has mixed feelings. A part of you has a growing self-confidence, freedom but another part of you always misses her and feels lonely. It’s hard to have a working mother. We tried to summarize it for you with these 20 little entries.

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1. Paddling your own canoe for long years

2. Always using your own keys to go inside the house

3. If you ever forget your key, you need to wait in the hall or the stairs, counting down the seconds

4. No perfect dinner table waiting for you. You need to prepare your own food

5. Being a mother to your little sibling, developing stronger bonds with them

6. You become more responsible, more disciplined

7. You can’t be a spoiled brat

It’s hard for you to find people around to spoil you. So you give up after a while

8. Joined anger and gratefulness feelings against your mother

9. School life at the age of 3!

Going to the same kindergarten for 2-3 years in a row.

10. Literally spending all your days at school

9 to 5 school life, staying after hours to study more or spend time.

11. Much more relaxed college life as a result

Since you have learned how to be on your own during your childhood, college life is a walk in the park for you.

12. Being sent to lots of different private classes so you don’t end up alone at home

Maybe a secret talent of yours will be discovered this way.

13. Getting spoiled every now and then because your mom feels guilty

14. Making the best of every moment with her

15. Spending time with friends at home during work hours

16. Calling your mom the moment you walk in from school

17. Your main criteria with your hair style is easy to maintain

Girls always go for shorter cuts so they won’t have to deal with braids, ponytails and other styles.

18. Lastly, recognizing the sound of your mother’s heels as she approaches the door.

Bonus: Meeting with the key necklace concept during your early years.

Bonus 2: Playing freely in the streets with your school uniform.

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