18 Common Features of Girls Who Find Themselves Ugly

You did definitely come across to girl who finds herself ugly at a stage of your life. You know those girls, who say 'don't be stupid, I am ugly',  who drop a hint about them being ugly by saying that 'I wish I'd be prettier'. You get embarrassed and say 'don't be ridiculous, I think you are pretty as a matter of course' but they keep insisting 'like I never saw a pretty girl' with a giggly tone. Here we searched, collected and put all common features of these girls together.

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Actually, they finds themselves pretty in general.

Yet, almost all of them are genuinely ugly.

They never walk around alone, ramble with a group of min. of 3 people in school, on high streets, in neighborhood, or at canteens.

Typically, they try to design the group as to be the prettiest among them.

In spite of this effort, they are not the prettiest of the group.

They have a great passion of fashion, beauty, make-up, etc.

And they always talk about having a training in these subjects.

But still, they are not successful at any of these subjects.

They are short-term relationship people and unfortunately during these relationships there were times they made childish-talks at least 7 to 10 times .

They have at least 50 photos on social media tagged 'sooo ugly! again :/'

It is hard to find a photo of them without filters on these channels.

And still there are tens of photos available where they make themselves even uglier on purpose.

Like if they had really needed help with it, like saying ' I can become ugly only by force'

There is no sex in their life.

In this pic, she is faking orgasm to her friends. Don't get it wrong.

They absolutely have no political aspect or stand.

Pop music is their best, especially Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, One Direction and other likewise popular singers.

When they go to a bookshop, they straightly go to the 'bestsellers' section.

They are addicted to their fathers, 'born to be a king' as they say.

They have a teeny-tiny tattoo and they go into a ceaseless effort of showing it.

Make-up has a significant role in their life.

Bonus - The question 'Which part of me you love the most, for instance?' is released into circulation by these girls.

-Your nose

-And because?

-Because it is there.

-You chump!

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