17 Things Women Do After A Break-Up

> 17 Things Women Do After A Break-Up

Some spend days hugging their pillows and crying, some think 'diamond cut diamond' and set sail to new beginnings. We asked women about the process they go through after a break-up, and here are their answers, some of which will be familiar to you.

1. Sharing sarcastic songs, writing down the lyrics everywhere, or if necessary, getting them tattooed on our forehead.

2. Seeing your ex going to a game with his buddies while you are expecting to see him at your doorstep with flowers, like in the movies.

3. F*cking up your vision because of stalking him on WhatsApp too often, and the "last seen..." script that flies everywhere around you.

4. Trying to get rid of the tattoo that you got, thinking your love would last forever

5. Crying among empty chocolate wrappers while updating your Facebook status to "Hi to the new beginnings :) "

6. Bringing out the mini dresses and skirts that he didn't allow you to wear.

7. Trying to cancel the trip you booked with installments because you never considered the possibility of a break up; and if you can't get a refund, persuading a friend to go with you.

8. Pretending to have fun while you are listening to very, very sad songs

9. Deleting all your photos with your ex from every social media platform you use, and uploading a selfie that you look great in as the new profile photo

10. Changing your relationship status on Facebook to 'it's complicated'

Don't look too inviting by changing it to 'single.' 'It's Complicated' works just fine.

11. Stuffing all his stuff that you have at your place into a suitcase and giving it to a friend of his.

12. Rushing to the nearest hairdresser and making radical style changes that you will regret later.

Don't get bangs, please, just DON'T!

13. Shopping with your girls and feeling better with every item you buy

14. Accidentally liking his photo while stalking him, and then liking a couple more just to look like you weren't stalking him at all

15. Texting the guys that were interested in you while you were in a relationship, although you arrogantly rejected them back then

16. Spending sh*t loads of money on fortunetellers because your friends have recommended them

17. Seeing a photo of him and his new gf, while you are thinking that there is no way that he can survive without you and that he will come back to you in two weeks.

18. So stop moping! Say it! "I don't care! I love it!" Love your life!