17 Tender Moments Babies And Dogs Share

Babies and Animals; Can anyone imagine a cuter, more naive or sincere companionship?

1. This dog is teaching his little buddy how to crawl

2. It's impossible not to feel the love

3. Cuteness level: over 9000!!

4. Babies and Dogs are the best possible playing buddies ever!

5. If you need one word to describe the nature of their companionship: Playful!

6. They know how to amuse each other...

7. And they do it very well

8. They are not shy to show how much they like each other's company

9. No shy at all...

10. They care about each other...

11. It's a perfect friendship in every sense,

12. A friendship that is very hard to find.

13. And not only that...

14. They love hanging out together

15. They are altruistic, never refusing each other's wishes...

16. Although this baby doesn't seem to be caring much...

17. Warning: Cuteness overload!

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