17 Reasons The Couples Who Cook Together Are Happier

If you are a couple, there is no reason to go far away to find a way to spice up your life. The solution is right next to you: your kitchen. Research shows that the couples who cook and create something new together are happier and that their relationships last longer.

If it is possible to be happy so easily, what are you waiting for? Go to the good old kitchen, now!

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/birlikte-mutfaga...

1. Cooking together will develop your trust in each other.

2. You will find the opportunity to appreciate each others' skills.

3. You will discover the sides of each other that you haven't known before and maybe fall in love again.

4. You will get to know each others' hidden talents, family traditions, culture and etc.

5. You will enjoy spending quality time without watching TV and looking at your phone.

6. You will experience creating something new together.

7. You can explore areas other than the bedroom where you can get handsy.

8. You will notice that you can still learn new things from each other.

9. You will see that hugging your beloved one from behind is as fun as it seems.

10. You will see that making a mess, scattering oil, flour and etc. is more fun when you are together.

11. You will feel like you are a family or ready to start a family.

12. You will realize how good you are together as a couple.

13. You will realize how enjoyable it is to watch your significant other while they are focusedly working on something.

14. You will see that you do and can complete each other and it will make you happy.

15. You will celebrate this successful team work together.

16. The peace of having discovered a new space where you can spend enjoyable time together will fill you up.

17. And you will bless your relationship by eating the food that you have prepared together.

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