16 Things Young Parents Must Immediately Stop Doing!


It's nice being a family and spending the rest of your life with them, knowing how much you love them and they love you. Love your baby but don't turn them into a product of self display!

1. Aww cutie cutie hands or feet photos. Uhhhm, NO!

Our Instagram is filled with these. Moon or Reyes are your favorite we know but so does the rest of the world!

2. Using every opportunity to tell how amazing it is to have a baby

- I can't really explain how beautiful it is to have one

- Then don't!

3. Putting you under serious pressure by constantly talking about being a parent.

It's a different kind of mobbing.

4. Using all those smart devices to show pictures and videos of their baby.

"Oh look have you seen this? It's little Jamie taking a poop." 

"Yes, we saw that. A hundred times!"

5. Inviting people over to spend time with their baby.

- I will find you and show you my baby!

6. Acting as if they are the first parents in human history!

7. Bragging about how sleepless or exhausted they are all the time.

But you know what... That smile.. It makes me forget everything

Ok. Bye

8. Throwing big parties for their birthdays.


9. Passing the phone to their baby.

- Hey look who is here!

- ........................ (intensified crying)

10. Creating social media accounts for their babies.


11. Taking 'cute' photos of their babies and writing 'funny' comments underneath.

...God I feel terrible.

12. Insisting that their baby can talk and say actual words.

- Mrgrmggrlgrglrglrgmlrgmrglrmglrg

- She said daddy!

13. Creating new alliances with other crazy parents just like them.

14. Forcing you to take pictures with them.

How about NO?!

15. Pretending to be the perfect family by uploading dreamy photos on Facebook.

Usually it's their cover photo.

16. Using months to express how old their baby is.

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