16 Masterpiece Plates That'll Make You Hold On to The Life Three Meals a Day in Enthusiasm-Killer Grey Winter Days

The owner of the photographs in this gallery is Norwegian dish designer Ida Skivenes.

Back in the days, he was one of us, an ordinary human being going to work 9 to 5, living out his life between work and home.

Until 2011, when he decided to be a vegetarian.

Because Skivenes' very first examples of experimental works by using food coinciding this period.

Again, he opened his Instagram account which had led him to be famous worldwide during those dates.

Today, Skivenes has more than 280K followers on Instagram.

Plus he also has a book which is translated to 7 different languages.

All of these are happened after Skivenes decided to quit his data analyzing job in 2013.

After that date, he only concentrated on dish designing and hence his Instagram account.

He indicates his pleasure about his decision by these words in an interview:

'Photography and food art were my hobbies for a long time. In other words, after this situation I took this opportunity to go after my passions.'

It can be said that these extraordinary designs made with fruits, cookies, and bread slices are signature works of Skivenes.

Because the trademark of the artist is that kind of compositions that brings up people's mood right away and on contrary they are still simple and childish.

This is the key feature which makes him distinctive from others.

The best part of his work is the fact that we can all actually prepare the most of the plates, as well.

Wouldn't it be worth to try to add some colors to these cold, gruff and grey winter days?

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