16 Incredible Facts about Baboons

Imagine an animal that kidnaps and slaves puppies. We hear you saying “What a monster!” But they are just baboons. Here are some crazy facts about them…

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/itlik-serserilik...

1. They are one of the largest monkey species in the world

From Cercopithecidae family, papio genus, close relative of Drill and Mandrill. Strong jaw, long and pointy teeth and pointy nose are their distinctive characteristics.

2. They live in a hierarchic community

The hierarchic organization of relationships surprises scientists.

3. They take good care of themselves

Check this one trying to avoid dirty water.

4. They are good thieves

They are used to have humans around them. They can steal your bag of chips or coke from your hands. They might even pay a visit to your dinner table if they see something they like.

5. The strong ones have more than one partner

They might have up to 6-7 wives. Also they are very jealous animal that can fight over their wives.

6. 6. They are good at slaving/educating other animals

Poor puppies…

7. They have their own communication methods

When one of the baboons sees an upcoming danger they warn closest baboon by screaming. With this chain everyone in troop will be warned.

8. They also take care of other animals

Antelopes can only see black and white that’s why they are not able to spot leopards behind the bushes, baboons warn them when they see the danger. Baboons are the biggest enemies of leopards and they are also enough strong to strangle a leopard with their bare hands.

9. Baboons are used for torture in Ancient Roma

They were trained to rape woman who have been found guilty.

10. Their attack strategies includes hostage or using baby baboons as shield

They are a bit evil.

11. They barely consume meat but when they do they are fine with eating their prey alive

If you think you can handle, here is a video for you:


12. When they are mad, they go nasty

13. They just do it all the time

14. Nasty and naughty baboons…

15. Besides all the madness, they have a big heart <3


16. Do you have a problem with baboons? Talk to this guy.

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