16 Hollywood Stars Who Boosted Their Boobs With Plastic Surgery

In the flashy world of Hollywood, aesthetic concerns are normal. And it's non of our business. However, we are also aware that some of the names on this list actually improved their career after going under the knife. So it's also about the business. Here is the list of 15 most famous celebrity breast implants:

Sarah Jessica Parker

If you remember her “Sex and the City” times, you will easily tell the difference

Nicole Kidman

More than augmentation, it looks like an uplift surgery. Apparently it helped her against the negative impacts of time and gravity.

Britney Spears

Some argue that she was looking way better before the operation...

Salma Hayek

While her celebrity status has evolved, so has her body.

Janet Jackson

Like day and night uh?

Denise Richards

She underwent three surgeries to make them like this. The result seems satisfactory.

Anna Nicole Smith

We don't know if it has to do with her tits, but after the surgery her career improved and she got a billionaire husband.

Victoria Beckham

Her relationship with her breast size is very complicated. Think of it like a convertible.

Carmen Electra

Perhaps it was like 10 years ago. One day we woke up and there she was: New Carmen!

Pamela Anderson

Everyone knows her story, and well... every part of her body!

Hayden Panettiere

She may have boosted her breast size but it did not help her to look less tiny next to his fiancé Klitschko.

Christina Aguilera

She neither confirmed nor denied the rumors of having gone under the knife but the pictures speak for themselves!

Jessica Simpson

It's a fact that she is more attractive now

Kellie Pickler

Picker is also one of the celebrities who underwent more multiple breast surgeries. Apparently, she kept trying until having the results she wanted. So, she must be happy now!

Lindsay Lohan

She is 'Lohan' afterall

Jennifer Hewitt

Speaking of big boobs, she is maybe the first Hollywood stars whose name comes to mind.  And she seems to be enjoying the advantages of it....

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