16 Celebrities And Their Weird Hobbies To Surprise You!


Maybe it's because they are celebrities that we don't really consider to be normal people like us, that we are more surprised to find out about things that celebrities do.

Considering the number of people and hobbies in the world, we actually shouldn't be surprised at all. But here are 16 celebrities and their quite interesting hobbies.

1. While most people can't stand seeing frogs, Paris Hilton follows them, catches them, puts them in a box and then sets them free.

And she loves doing this. She is a true frog hunter and the best candidate for the title 'the celebrity with the weirdest hobby.'

2. Taylor Swift, who loves Christmas, also loves making snow globes.

She seems to be quite talented at this. She even has a collection of snow globes she made herself!

3. You'll never want to mess with Bob Barker, once you find out about his hobby!

He always looks so good for his age and has been doing Karate for many years!

4. Christina Aguilera is a hardcore gamer! She plays video games in her free time non-stop!

5. The biggest passion of Tom Hanks, the Oscar winning actor: electronic typewriters.

He says that he has over 200 electric typewriters in his collection.

6. Alia Bhatt, the successful actress, is also a successful pencil drawer.

This talented young woman, who has a special hobby, gave one of her drawings to Arjun Kapoor as a present!

7. Nicolas Cage's biggest obsession is Superman!

Cage, who has been collecting old Superman comic books, action figures, even the films and series, has taken his hobby to such an advanced point that he named one if his sons 'Kal-El'.

8. Beautiful model Claudia Schiffer has a hobby that might sound rather unpleasant to most people. She collects bugs.

Yes, you have read it correctly. She frames the bugs that she dries and her favorite insect is the spider!

9. Abhay Deol, the successful actor who is very interested in interior design, has a unique hobby: wood carving!

He even taught a class in wood carving in New York!

10. Johnny Depp, who collects Barbie dolls, also loves playing with them!

And he couldn't care less what others think about it.

11. Angelina Jolie, who is known for her passion for knives, has hobbies as wild as herself!

The beautiful actress, who has a knife collection, used to collect snakes and lizards when she was a child. Moreover, she has a warrior's axe and African spear in her knife collection.

12. Tom Cruise loves fencing. He even has a special room for his hobby!

He introduced his good friends Will Smith and David Beckham to fencing. These three meet often to do this sport together.

13. The real passion of John Abraham, who loves motorcycles, is actually helmets.

Abraham has a large enough helmet collection to be able to wear a different helmet everyday. Most of these are specially designed helmets by high-end brands.

14. Dia Mirza, who has a quite patient and calm character, loves pottery!

She took up pottery as a hobby during the making of the movie 'Alibaug.' The film wasn't a success, but she got to know her favorite hobby thanks to it! Even having injured her hand while making pottery didn't deter her from loving it!

15. The hobby of Eminem, the world renowned rapper, is shooting.

So much that he was forbidden to carry guns for 2 years because he was carrying one illegally.

16. Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a true collector, collects action figures. He also keeps bees to cope with stress.

He must have spent quite a lot of time with his bees before the Oscar.  😂

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