15 Things Only Mothers of Boys Can Understand

Being a mother is a pleasant, tiring and joyful adventure. Mothers don't discriminate either boy a girl, the only thing they care is the wellbeing of their kids. However even Freud says there is a special bond between "mother and son". Let's take a closer look.

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1. Their first word might be 'ball' or 'car' instead of 'mum'

2. You walk around like Siamese twins

While on the phone, computer, cooking, reading or chatting with someone else, there will be a monkey around you hanging from your arm or grabbing your leg like a tree. You can't resist this cutie for long time and then stop whatever you are doing to give him a big hug.

3. He becomes your second love

While you were thinking your husband is the biggest love of your life, a competitor appears.

4. While cleaning home you are used to find cars, balls or toy guns behind the furniture

How many times you told him to clean up his mess? Still you will smile when you find one his toys.

5. You try to explain and teach him the stuff that you have no idea

How to pee while standing? Of course you have no idea!

6. It doesn’t matter how old they are, you always keep an eye on them

When he came home last night? Did he have breakfast this morning?

7. Having a close relationship even Freud can’t understand

8. Spoiling them. A LOT :)

9. Playing games that you have never played as a kid

Football, racing cars, wrestling with them…

10. Being concerned about every girl he brings home

Will he be happy with this girl? Does she love him enough? Is she competent enough to take care of him?

11. The big love in between mother and son became psychologists issue and examined as Jocasta Complex

Jocasta is a term introduced by Raymond de Saussure. It might be simplified as the converse of Oedipus Complex. It covers wide degree of attachments from asexual mother love to (pervert) sexual desires for own son.

12. And also Oedipus Complex

13. You know there is no activity with him that you can just sit, relax and play

Running around, playing with ball, jumping… Why can’t we just sit and color books?

14. Enjoying having “mama’s boy”

15. Having a special bond only mothers of boys can understand

You have a special language, relation and understanding between you and your son.

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