15 Struggles of Women With Uneven Boobies

You are lucky if this is your worst problem in life, cause every woman's breasts are asymmetrical. (Warning: This post contains boobs!)

1. Generally, the larger one takes over the control and determines the bra size.

2. Naturally, the smaller one will need to be 'supported' to fill in the areas inside bra cup.

3. For the sizes with small differences, you can also buy bras that will fit the smaller one

4. In this case, it can be difficult to stop the larger one from spilling out over the cup's fabric, especially when wearing knitted tops

5. When you buy your bras with the size of larger boob, then you'll need to constantly perk the smaller one up inside its cup

6. You realize that you avoid front-view photos.

7. When you catch someone looking at them, you worry if they noticed.

8. You wish they sell one-side-padded bras in every store

9. Probably the shoulder pain on the side of larger one is because of that

10. The smaller boob’s bra collects more crumbs due to extra space

11. When other girls talk about "asymmetries", you are not sure whether you should be offended

12. And you can't stop worrying about future, and what impact gravity will have on them as you age

13. You mostly sleep on the side of smaller boob

14. You even try to contour your boobs with makeup, to make them look more even

15. You googled "how to fix uneven breasts" at least once

Bonus - They don't jiggle proportionately... (not sure why you should care).

Bonus 2 - We hope yours is not that bad?!

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