15 States That Acrophobic People Very Well Know

You always prefer stay closer to the ground in fun fairs, roller coasters, swing rides and gondolas are only composed of dreams for you.

Don't even mention kamikazes.

You can't get closer to the roof edges, even if you dare you feel like someone behind will push you.

You don't like to get on a plane unless you have to, if you have to and came up to a window ledge, you feel like that journey will never end.

Bungee jumping, sky diving etc seems fun but they'll only stay as dreams because of your fear.

When you see someone sitting somewhere high, you have a heart-throb, and get anxious about them falling down.

In a balcony on the 8th floor, and safety rails are lower than your waist, you prefer watching the view from a place close to the door.

While you are playing video-games, as well. You associate with the character, and your fear never leaves you alone.

This is the only moment when the fear turns into joy.

When you see someone wiping windows, your heart skips a beat.

And you warn them not to.

When you get on a rope railway by 'mistake', you think about the fact that you are far away from the ground makes you feel sick.

You can't really enjoy the view when you are crossing bridges.

When you are in an elevator and going up for the 9th floor, you go weak at the knees as the elevator rides up.

When someone asks for help to shake a carpet from a balcony, you start sweating bullets.

When you are near an edge of a cliff, you feel like the land is slipping under your feet.

When you see yourself falling from somewhere high to the darkness is a complete nightmare.

When you were a child, it was easy to jump from a building to the sand, but in time you see that the boot is on the other foot.

They say the only way to get over this fear is to blast it away more and more. Good luck with that!

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