15 Shocking Facts Revealing How Cruel The Egg Industry Is


For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have been controlling nature while exploiting it ruthlessly. And each passing day we have to slaughter even more animals to maintain our diets as our population grows rapidly. However, we’re now at a point that we can’t even be sure whether nature can afford us anymore. All the sustainability debates aside, however, this also seems to be a matter of ethics. In the egg industry, for example, the inhumane conditions have reached a point that we can’t ignore anymore. Here are the facts that the egg industry doesn’t want you to see.

Warning: The photos and the videos below contain graphic images that some readers may find extremely disturbing.

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1. These animals’ lives are in a state of misery from the beginning.


2. It takes approximately 36 hours for a hen to produce 1 egg.


3. The baby chicks are born in incubators such as these.


4. They never get the chance to see their mothers…


5. Shortly after being born, the males and females are separated


As if they’re some sort of inanimate objects.

6. The females await the same fate as their mothers, living lives of misery laying eggs.


7. The males are tossed into plastic bags to suffocate or ground up alive.


8. The female chicks have their beaks cut off with a hot blade.


A chicken’s beak is loaded with nerve endings, more sensitive than a human fingertip. Many birds die of shock on the spot.

9. Between 5 and 11 hens are crammed into “battery” cages.


In these maddening conditions, hens will peck one another from stress, causing injury and even death.

10. The cages are often stacked on top of each other.


This allows the urine and feces from the stacked birds to fall onto the birds underneath.

11. It is not uncommon for the hens to die in their cages, and sometimes they rot alongside living birds.


12. After around 2 years the birds that have managed to survive are sent to the slaughterhouse.


13. The hens then face the same fate as the birds that are raised for their meat.


14. They are shackled and hung upside down.


And they are electrocuted.

15. Their throats are cut open.

Click to see.

They are often scalded to death.

Warning: These videos contain graphic images.

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