15 Most Annoying Stranger Types

In daily life, you sometimes encounter with some people you can't help getting irritated with. Either because  you are short-tempered or they are genuinely annoying, one thing is certain: These people are lowering the quality of your life.

That interrupting person when you are checking a nice girl/boy

That other girl who buys just before you the last available size of the clothes you wanted

The guy who managed to be the last that got on the bus/tram/metro you tried so hard to catch

As you approach to an empty ATM, that person who appears out of thin air and takes at least 15 minutes before you

That person who just shows up and takes the taxi you have waited for like 30 minutes

That asshole parker who doesn't mind parking in a way to make the street impassable for others

That smartass driving on the shoulder

That philanthropist who gives away the extra queue tickets he got from the dispenser once he finishes his business, taking more people before your number

That lovely stranger who sits right next to you, although there are million of other empty seats on bus

That annoying seat recliner on the front seat, who just wants to sleep on your knees

That person who won't let you open window, saying " I don't wanna get sick" even though it's 120 degrees inside bus

Similarly, anti-AC people at office who claims it blows straight on their back

Those double-space passangers on bus, who don't care about taking off their backpacks

Those people who block entire sidewalk with their slow walks, especially aunties

People who just stops before you with no reason while a regular, fast sideways walking

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