15 Moments You Wish You Had a Partner

We know you are a strong guy/girl but sometimes you might need a shoulder to lean on... ☺️

Source: https://onedio.com/haber/keske-sevgilim-...

1. When you're the third wheel.

2. When you watch a romantic movie alone.

3. In your bed while you are looking for something to hug.

4. When you are walking under rain.

5. When you can't open a jar after 30 mins of trying.

6. When you wake up from a nightmare.

7. When you arrive home after a bad day.

8. When you need someone to talk to.

9. When you want to share a nice view with someone.

10. When you realize there is no one to wave hand to say goodbye.

11. When you want to be childish.

12. When you are sick :(

13. Valentine’s Day

14. When you see cute matching outfits.

15. While you are cooking and you need help 😅

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