14 Problems Women Very Well Know About Clothings

Eventhough men
aren’t aware of them much, these are the tedious troubles happening to women
quite often.

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/kadinlarin-cok-i...

The image when you wear a lacy and thin bras under a t-shirt.

Trying to walk on dirt surfaces with stilettos.

The problem about highwaisted underwear worn under low-cut pants.

Trying to wear pantyhose with faulty nails.

Your hair stopping you to zip up.

Nip slip appears between the shirt buttons.

Spotting the waxing need on a day when you wear skirt.

A normal t-shirt going numb under flashes.

Having a period when you wear white trousers.

Relation between tricots and accessories.

Lack of self-confidence springs when you wear bikini.

Craziness of walking with teeny tiny steps in a skinny dress.

Your turtleneck jumper likes your make-up too much.

Dresses mastering to be caught by your briefs.

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