14 Painful Realities People Who Suffer From Migraine Face Everyday! :/


No words can describe the pain caused by migraine. Either you are lucky enough not to be diagnosed with it or you go through a living hell...

We filled our gallery with relaxing images on purpose. While browsing this list, you can also listen to some relaxing ocean sounds with the video below. We sincerely hope it helps!

Those Relaxing Sounds of Waves - Ocean Sounds, 1080p HD Video with Tropical Beaches

1. There is no real treatment

The cure for migraine differs for each individual. For some, medication helps but for some others, only a dark and completely silent room is the only option.

2. You have discovered everything there is about Alternate Medicine.

Herbal teas, acupuncture, different types of massages... You've already tried everything to be rid of migraine.

3. You are forced to live a healthy life. (Ok who isn't?)

If not, all the painful headaches and spikes will come rushing back!

4. You live like a vampire because you love silent nights and darkness.

It burnnnnssss!!!

5. You love LOVE your sunglasses...

6. You can only do certain jobs.

You can't sit in front of a screen all day. Your workplace can't be noisy and you can't handle stress at all.

7. You are as patient as a Shaolin Monk.

Some attacks last even for days. You have learned how to live with it and try to move on with your daily life.

8. That unpleasant feeling of not knowing when the next attack will be.

Your best day can suddenly turn into your worst.

9. That moment you understand that it's right around the corner...

Fear, anger and sadness. They all get together to signal its approach...

10. Your social life is highly dependent on your migraine.

You need to consider all your plans. You might even end up leaving in the middle of a date because of an attack.

11. You have to think twice before doing anything.

12. Wind is your worst enemy!

13. Migraine improves your imagination...

These imaginations can be a bit evil though. You come up with 1000 different ways to completely destroy your head!

14. You know many big artists and famous painters suffered from it, too.

It's known as the genius sickness...Well, I'd rather be dumb as f*ck than go through this my entire life!

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