14 Inwardly Beatific Details Men Shy From Telling Women

You'll be surprised by men typically refuse to accept these little things that make them happy.

Advance note: Alright, you don't have these, we are sorry! Our bad.

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We like you sending the first text in the morning.

There is nothing else that impress us more, your truly sincere smile…

Even if we seem like we don't like it, we love your 'nurturing' side.

We really love cuddly sleeps.

We love talking about our feelings, even if we make you feel like we don't.

We enjoy planning our future together, even if the 'Marriage' thing is assumed as it scares men.

Your listening to us makes us incredibly happy.

When it is chilly and you get cold, you hold our hands and snuggle us is a disparate pleasure.

When you go out with your friends and text us 'I am thinking about you'. That tone is really sweet.

The moments you need us are priceless.

Even if we don't show that, when you applaud us we are secretly crowing.

You are so sexy when you get angry.

We enjoy to be defeated in arguments even if we seem like it huffs us.

It is delighting to see you not hearing us when you immerse yourself sth in.

Bonus; We love you watching us while we are shaving.

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