13 Unique Experiences Closely Witnessed by the Ones Whose Best Friend was a Dog When S/he was a Child

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know how much a dog can
be a loyal friend. Well, have you ever imagined how much a child learns from
having a dog as his/her best friend?

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A dog can be a good teacher.

The best way for a child to work his/her energy off is playing with a dog.

Child would never forget the adventures s/he had with the dog.

A dog can be an entertaining friend.

A friend who never leaves you alone when you are sick.

And when you sleep.


The children’s favourite game ‘digging stuff’ cannot be better accompanied with someone else but dogs.

Dogs give pure and unconditional love.

They are always your friends no matter what.

You can never find a better partner to be naughty.

You’d have a voluntary friend to lay the job at his door whenever you want.

A dog looks after a child better than a babysitter.

You’d have a friend who can be with you for the rest of its life.

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