13 Gestures Men Think Make Them More Attractive

You are talking about your emotions while squinting your eyes and looking at the horizon... If you are in a movie scene, it might work; but if it's to impress the girl you are talking to, maybe think again!

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/erkeklerin-kendi...

1. Squinting while talking with girls

2. Playing with beards

3. Reaching to something high in the middle of a conversation

4. Sagging

5. Looking at a distant point instead of into the eyes during a conversation

6. Making a blank-face while everyone else is laughing at a joke

7. Pretending to be very interested while listening others' stories

8. Overreacting or sudden moves

9. Pulling belly in

10. Leaning on something while talking

11. Flicking the dust off the clothes

12. Mysterious smiles

13. Ruminating

And oldie but goldie, Bruce Willis smile

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