13 Daily Problems Only Ladies With Big Boobs Will Understand

You always thought we have a great life, huh?

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/buyuk-goguslu-ka...

1. Putting on a strapless dress is extremely difficult.

2. You can't fit...

3. You should be careful at selfies.

4. Shirts... Always look like about to explode.

5. Name tags are annoying.

Now people have an excuse to stare...

6. Hugging friends can be weird.

7. You should pay extra attention while eating.

8. Running? NOPE.

9. Your snacks might get lost in your boobs.

10. Straps hurt your shoulders.

11. Seat belt cuts your boobs in half.

12. Long necklaces fall in between your boobs.

13. Laying on your stomach is out of the question.

Still, you get all the attention when you walk into a room ^^


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