12 Things Those Who Are Jealous of Their Friends Very Well Know

When we say jealousy we immediately think of being jealous of our boy/girlfriends or siblings. But most of us are jealous of our friends, as well. For example, think about two friends you introduced them to each other are meeting up, and not telling you.

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Your friend has found a bf/gf and you are still a lone wolf.


Your friend is making plans with someone you introduced him/her without telling you.

You find out that your friend has a closer friend than you.

Moreover, when s/he is around, you always take a back seat.

Friends whom you introduced them to each other are becoming a better couple than yours.

Your friend's date that you introduced to her/him, turns out a way better lover than yours.

Your best friend is studying in another city, and having a great time with his/her friends there.

Your friend is sharing zestful photos on social media without you.

Your friend is making dreams come true, YOUR dreams.

You notice the person you like is actually more into your friend.

You feel your friends don't love you as much as you love them.

You introduce someone new to your friends and he/she becomes popular in a tick.

Bonus - Your family starts to hold up your friend as an example for you.

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