12 Things Only People Who Hate Their Job Will Understand

Having to work everyday just to survive…

1. Being unhappy also outside the office

2. Knowing the true meaning of reluctance

3. Spending most of your time doing things you think would make you happy

4. Waking up unhappy every morning as you count days till weekend

5. Every single task feels like drudgery

6. Being very familiar with job search websites

7. Working just to pay the bills

8. Getting mean to people around you

9. Getting depressed as a result of doing a job you hate for a long time

10. Starting every new day by saying “Today I will resign"

11. Finding consolation in things people say like: “You will like it by time" “You know how many people wanted that position?”

12. After some time, becoming too numb to take any step to find a job you would like

How much left until retirement anyway?

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