11 Weird Things That Spotted on Mars

1. The Face

The photo is taken by Viking 1 Orbiter in 1976. Since then it appeared on many movies and series. In 1998, when a new spaceship paid a visit to Mars new pictures are taken and it is revealed that is just a hill.

2. Suddenly appearing “doughnut”

In January 2014 this was a question in everyone’s mind: “Where did this doughnut come from?” According to Nasa the object came with the spaceship.

3. Iguana

The photo is taken by Curiosity in 2013. Even it looks like a perfect iguana with its eyes and body shape, it is simple a rock.

4. Finger

This is also photographed by Curiosity and again it’s a rock.

5. Woman

This picture is captured in 2007. Many people thought this is a sign of life in Mars. But guess what it is? Another rock.

6. Mouse

And of course it was another rock.

For this rat there was even a Twitter account:

7. A Thigh Bone

Another rock that looks like a thigh bone.

8. Skull

The picture was taken by Spirit rover with its panoramic camera and brought up the question again “Life on Mars?” But again this was a piece of rock.

9. Helmet

After the question “Life on Mars?” this helmet brought forth another question: “War on Mars?”

10. Door Handle

The shiny door handle discovered in 2013. It’s a fine grained rock that is polished by the wind.

11. Flower

Curiosity spotted “flower” in 2012. Planetary scientist Aileen Yingst said for this object that she would “hesitate to say what it is”. But most likely it’s just another rock.

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