10 Things You Will Say Goodbye To Once You Become Parents

Being a parent is not only full of joy, but also an amazing experience which you get the chance to raise yourself together with your baby.  Like almost any other good things in life, it takes blood, sweat and tears; and you need to be ready for it. Here are 10 things you will not even remotely close to have at least for a while once you become parents.

1. An uninterrupted night sleep

2. A single day without hearing any cry, shout, screams, hustle & bustle

3. A single hour you can have only for yourself

4. A room that can stay tidy for over one hour

5. Watching your favorite show & movie at one sitting from start to end

6. Spending 2 hours outside only with your partner

7. A holiday you can actually relax

8. A day without cartoons

9. Having good time apart from your kid without feeling guilty

10. Get through a single day without worrying about disease or any other danger

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