10 Things Women Who Have Irregular Periods Very Well Know

Menstruating is already a trouble by
itself, plus having it on irregular basis drives women crazy.

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/duzensiz-adet-go...

You walk around with spare panties and tampons, etc.

Calendar rhythm method as protection is a complete dream for you.

You feel the tension of being pregnant quite often.

You can’t give a response to the doctor who asks you about the first day of your last period when you get pregnant.

You have a tendency to link all kinds of mood levels to your hormones which also affects your period.

You’d always have to listen to your friends telling you that might be a sign of an illness.

It is your duty to relieve your late friends as ‘it always happens to me, as well.’

-Don’t worry, it happens to me all the time.
It is probably because of the season change.

But it can be tough if it turns out that your friend was pregnant!

-Oops, not because of the season
change? Gosh!

Even having periods every two months is not enough to make you worry.

Was it today or tomorrow, and so on just then, the distress you’re going through is good enough.

Bonus- In time, your partner might begin to feel like you never have periods or you’re constantly having it.

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