Which Pokémon Are You?


Are you ready to find out your inner Pokémon?

1. Your family members know you as?

"This one is surely a family guy."
"You are the most beautiful in the family."
"This one is a punk."
"Typical loser."
"Poor you. There there!"
"This one is gonna be very successful!"

2. Which death below scares you the most?

3. Pick a number between 1 to 6 for your laziness level. From lazy to hardworking.

4. You are the .... of your friends.

The most popular one
The one full of life energy
The one who knows how to manipulate others
The one with the lamest jokes
The silent member
The one who rarely makes good jokes

5. Pick a delicious treat!

6. Which TV series is your favorite?

7. You found out that your BFF has had a crush on you the whole time...

Let's give this a chance!
So sad that this friendship has to end!
Who doesn't have a crush on me!
You are like a sister/brother to me!
I'm in love with you, too!
You should have talked to me sooner. I'm seeing someone.

8. Pick a smartphone?

Google Nexus
Samsung Galaxy S7
iPhone 6S

You are Pikachu!


You are one Pokemon that is full of love, is loyal and is loved by everyone! Your happiness inspires everyone around you. It's no surprise that you are Ash's favorite. You can go through anything for your loved ones. Tbh, we admire your energy!

You are Bulbasaur!


You can do anything in the world for something you strongly believe in. Your strength and self-esteem separates you from everyone around you. Your friends are lucky to have you around. You make others happy! Your friends and your family know that you are ready for them whenever they need you!

You are Charmander!


You are a free spirit, your wildness cannot be tamed by the rules. You change like the wind. When you make friends with others it is often a lifelong friendship. This is why your friends adore you. Keep your beautiful fire burning!

You are Squirtle!


You are friendly, fun and full of joy! You carry all the features of a successful leader, but you don't wanna bother with others. Life is your life. Btw, you rock in your sunglasses!

You are Togepi!


Your cuteness is world famous! Everybody wants to hug you when they see your cute face. You know who you are and you enjoy all the attention. According to Pokedex "Togepi stores up feelings of happiness inside its shell, then shares them with others." What else we can say here?

You are Psyduck!


You are a total goofball! Don't get us wrong though, you are so very cute. Your modesty and shyness attracts the people around you. Even if you say something wrong, people enjoy your company! The world would be a different place for you if you weren't this shy.

How do you feel?
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Relieved Face
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