Here’s How An Exchange Student Randomly Ended Up On Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet!


Umut Ali Kal is a Turkish Erasmus student in the Netherlands who went to France last week to work at Cannes Film Festival. One day while waiting at the bus station, he saw someone, and after this brief encounter, Umut found himself on the red carpet taking pictures with the most famous film stars of the world thanks to that someone he had no idea who she was!

Here he is, the luckiest person of the year so far: Umut Ali Kal. He was just a regular exchange student in the Netherlands before ending up on the red carpet with the world-famous movie stars.

One day, Umut was waiting at the bus station in Cannes when he met someone who said she was Adriana Ferreyr, the famous Brazilian actress.

Here she is!

But Adriana couldn't make Umut believe that she was a famous actress. She took his number and said she'd call him later.

So, here's what happened next...

Two days later, Adriana texted Umut to say that she'd meet him in 20 minutes by the red carpet. Yes, RED CARPET. And when they met, Adriana gave Umut the invitation to the screening of Nicole Kidman's new movie.

And this is how it all started, he actually found himself on the red carpet taking selfies with celebrities!

Will Smith, Nicole Kidman, Fatih Akın, Claduie Cardinale, Rihanna, Adriana Lima are just a few of the world famous people he saw there, and he actually met some of them. In short, he almost had the whole Cannes experience as a student that no one really knows about!

Find the overly excited Erasmus student in the picture. 😂

"Thanks to Adriana, I walked on the red carpet while posing to 300 photographers." he said.

"And when I realized Nicole Kidman was right behind me, I thought my heart was going to explode."

Just imagine you're looking for the bathroom and run across Will Smith!

And that's not even the whole story. This year, it was Cannes Film Festival's 70th Anniversary and guess who won a ticket to the afterparty?

He says his next goal is to be at the Oscars. With all the luck and the determination in the world, we think there's a good chance we'll see Umut there as well!  😂

He shared the whole experience on his social media accounts, of course. Because why wouldn't he.

"Here I start if you're ready."
"How I spend a day in Cannes"

Day 1: Will Smith passes by.

Day 2: Julianne Moore

Day 3: "I saw Rihanna"

Day 4: "I met Wilma Elles. Got her phone number."

Day 5: "I took pictures of Fahriye Evcen and Claudie Carniale for the press release."

Day 6: "I walked on the red carpet with a famous Brazilian actress."

And the not-very-happy-ending: "Two days ago I was walking on the red carpet. Now I'm home, everybody's sleeping and I ate the leftover macaroni. Damn." 😂

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