Find Out Why You're Alone With This Quiz!


Spring is out and love is in the air! Are you wondering why you're still alone while all your friends become love birds? We know this bothers you a lot. Come on, let's figure it out!

1. What is in your fridge right now?

Delicious Meals
Milk Gone Bad
Only Beer
Veggies and Some Fruit

2. How long was your last relationship?

No relationship to this day :(
Couple of Weeks
1 year
I do one night stands
A Few Months
More than a year

3. Is your room clean right now?


4. Where do you want to go on first date?

Fancy Restaurant
Doesn't matter as long as I'm out
Night Club
We'll hang out at my place

5. When did you have your last shower?

Well, I don't remember.
A few days ago, I don't stink.
I'm just like a cat, I'll clean myself.
Last Night
Have you heard of wet wipes?

6. Pick the most important

My Goals
My Family
My Friends
My Job

7. Be honest! Do you really believe in love?

I don't know, maybe.

8. Because you're way too attractive!

You're so attractive that you are literally glowing! All eyes are on you. Everybody is staring at your beauty and this is the reason why you are alone. People feel like they are not good enough for you. You're the prince/princess in the castle. Come down to earth a little. Or maybe not. The world needs beauties like yourself!

9. Because you're too perfect!

Perfectionism is a concept invented after you. You're just like an art piece. No word is enough to describe your perfection. You're so awesome and so amazing that no other human being in this universe can reach your level. Don't give up, keep on searching. You might find your perfect half someday!

10. Because you're the worst!

Truth hurts, but it is what it is. Not all people like to hang out casually. Your bad boy/girl behavior is actually very annoying. Enough with this nonsense. We advise you to adopt some emotions while it is still early. Or else you'll end up with cats. Plenty of them.

How do you feel?
Tears of Joy
Relieved Face
Clapping Hands
Thumbs Down

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