18 Things You Go Through When You're Not Wearing Make Up


"Are you okay? You look a bit pale today." πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

1. Say hi to your worst enemy: Acne! You don't understand how these simple beings can tell that you're not wearing make up.


2. Your crush suddenly makes eye contact.


Is it me? Is he really looking? One can never know.

3. You ran into the most handsome being in this world on your morning commute!



4. No sales person approached you at the local drugstore. They probably thought you were not interested in make up.


5. You ran into that girl from high school the one day you are not wearing make up.


"Yes, yes I'm doing okay. Don't let my pale look fool you. Please!"

6. But the worst thing that can happen is to run into your EX and their new date.


7. And your BFF won't stop taking selfies.


8. Everyone agrees on one single single question: "Are you okay? You look a bit down today."


9. This is all you want to do when you're looking at yourself in the mirror!


10. You can't stand all this pressure. You start putting on some make up instantly, and the outcome is... Well, not that good.


11. However, you begin to realize that not wearing make up is actually tolerable...

12. For starters, you'll sleep 20 minutes longer in the morning.


13. There won't be any fights between your contacts and your eyeliner.


That is what we call FREEDOM!

14. Rub your eyes all you want!


Whose afraid of the big bad mascara!

15. Okay this one is super important. No lip stick stains...


Feels good, right!?!

16. Ruining your clothes with foundation stains?


Forget about it.

17. Above all, your skin is glowing without make up!



18. All you can think about now: "Forget about make up, freedom to my skin!"


19. Now that you learned to ignore what others are saying, you can enjoy your natural look and go on being awesome!

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dnk abt that!!!! if I dnt wear makeup I would look like a chimp -_- with all the scars and acne :/

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