15 Signs Of Madness We All Know And Do!


1. The race is on! Start peeing right after you flush and try to beat it by peeing super fast.

Article source: http://onedio.com/haber/insanlarin-bilerek-yaptigi-15-manyaklik-gostergesi-564876

2. Making sure your lighter has equal gas levels on both sides. 🔥

3. Constantly checking the fridge. There’s still no food!

4. You don’t start eating until you find the perfect thing to watch. Even if the food gets cold.

5. Waving random people goodbye when you take the intercity bus.

6. Just get that hand in deep…Ohhhh perfection!

7. Saving the best of the food to the last. Because <3 FOOD!

8. Did you think we forgot? The best part of getting a new gadget is not the gadget itself but the bubble wrap!

9. Biting that paper cup when you’re too bored!

10. Putting your finger in so that no one could check who you are. What difference does it even make?!

11. Placing the pointer on the progress bar to see if it’s installing or not.

12. Doing all these suspicious moves out of control, when you see a patrol car. 👮

13. Playing with people’s feelings during rush hour and pretending you are about to leave your seat and give people hope.

14. We all used them as our new ring!

15. Setting your alarm two hours earlier. Whew, you still have two more hours to sleep!

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