12 Of The Most Bizarre Prom Outfits That’ll Make You Glad You’re No Longer A Teen


For almost all of us, prom was a special time because it simply symbolized the moment that we didn’t have to care about high school anymore. So that’s probably why some of these kids just got as crazy as they could with the outfit. Here are 12 real-life fashion disasters caught at proms.

1. This dress probably made people's eyes hurt. Literally and figuratively.

2. Where did you say you were from again?

3. Here's a cute couple of chameleons. Unfortunately we can still see them.

4. Like all of my fellow millennials, I choose to think that this is "ironic". So yes it's actually cool af then.

5. Christopher Robin's future parents.

6. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

7. OMG gal, do you have any idea what's a prom?

8. I've always appreciated DIY enthusiasts. But this is just too much.

9. So I'm guessing you've met in a geometry class?

10. That looks.... itchy.

11. TBH, I think I'm getting used to the idea of kids making fun of traditional prom stuff...

12. Like this!

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