11 Animated Short Films You Should Definitely Watch


Watching animated movies never stops being fun, no matter how old you get. Besides, advanced visual effects and high-tech productions make them even more interesting than ever!

The list is not ranked and you can adjust settings to watch them with subtitles.

11. Zero (2010)

Zero is a heartwarming love story which is also about discrimination. It was directed by Christopher Kazelos and won several awards. In the society Zero lives in, everyone has a number according to their social status. Well, yes, you guessed right: Zero’s number is zero.

10. Kiwi (2006)

We really couldn’t decide whether this story is inspiring or just tragic. It was directed by Doni Permedi, and the story is about a kiwi bird who can’t fly. And our hero really wants to know how it feels like to be able to fly…

9. Alma (2009)

Alma is neither heartwarming nor hilarious. This story takes place in the streets of Barcelona in a very dark atmosphere. The movie was directed by  Rodrigo Blaas in 2007 and alma means “soul” in Spanish.

8. Alarm (2009)

Alarm is a movie about alarm clocks directed by Korean animation crew Mesai. We usually set an alarm (or two) to wake up in the morning. Well, our hero in this story chooses a different path: he sets many!

7. French Roast (2008)

French Roast is a movie with a social message, which was nominated for the academy awards in 2009. It’s about a rich businessman who forgets his wallet at home and trying to pay for the coffee he ordered in a café.

6. Paperman (2012)

Another heartwarming love story, which won the Academy Award in 2012!

5. Oktapodi (2007)

Here’s one of the cutest movies ever made on true love! This French production is about how two octopuses in love come together before one of them is served as meal on someone’s plate.

4. Partly Cloudy (2009)

We all have heard stories about how babies are delivered by storks... Well, this story is all about where all those babies are coming from :)

3. Lifted (2007)

Pixar has many other short movies on Youtube but we think this is one of the bests. It’s about an alien trying to kidnap a sleeping man. A hilarious must-watch!

2. Geri's Game (1997)

Geri’s Game won the best animated short movie academy award in 1997, and it’s about Geri who plays chess against himself in the afternoon in a park. How can you win a game that you play against yourself?

1. Day & Night (2010)

Another Pixar production, Day and Night, is about the bitter-sweet friendship of the day and the night. What makes this movie special is its shooting technique combining 2D and 3D features. It also reminds the good old Looney Tunes cartoons!

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